What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic healing art, which naturally and without drugs, stimulates every part, gland, and organ in the body. By applying pressure to the reflexes in the feet, tension is released, circulation is improved, and the body is assisted in regaining its state of harmony and balance.

Reflexology is a complementary holistic therapy and should not take the place healthcare provided by a qualified medical professional. Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe medications, advise clients to stop taking medications, or claim to cure existing conditions. Reflexologists may suggest or recommend alternate courses of treatment to be provided by other healthcare practitioners if relevant.

Reflexologists aim to support the client’s system through gentle and systematic pressure applied to the reflex points in the feet – this process is deeply relaxing and renewing, which in turn aids the body in self-healing. Caring human touch on the feet is a pleasantly comforting experience and for this reason, Reflexology is a wonderful way to pamper yourself even if there are no underlying medical reasons for seeking a treatment.

Confidentiality of client’s information is strictly maintained and the Reflexologist will not discuss a client’s case with medical professionals without written consent.

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Amazing foot chart by Amy Seleski: http://amyzaleski.blogspot.ca/2006/03/feet.html