I have an honours BA degree from Queen’s University and have held various service-based and office jobs since graduating. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to connect on a more personal level with clients in meaningful way. I wanted to assist people in living happier, healthier  lives and Reflexology stood out to me as a means to do this. With this intention in mind,  I earned a certificate in the healing art of Reflexology from Centennial College, allowing me to use the federally recognized designation of Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRPr.). I am licensed with the City of Toronto as a Holistic Practitioner and am a member in good standing of the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO). Reflexology has sparked an interest in me to learn more about complimentary holistic modalities and I look forward to continuing my education in the field of holistic healing arts.

Why Reflexology

With the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life, people forget to slow down and take care of themselves. They rarely experience a caring touch that invites them to reconnect with themselves, encouraging them to put the cares of the day on hold and put themselves first for a moment. Reflexology treatments are a healthy and non-invasive method of encouraging people to relax, reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce energy-blockages in the system, restore balance, and promote self-healing. Reflexology is so much more that just a foot massage! I truly enjoy being able to provide much needed opportunities for my clients to relax, recharge, and restore themselves.